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Student Uniform Policy Update

York River Academy’s mission underscores our commitment to preparing our students for professional success.  As such, YRA has a school uniform policy for all students.  In creating the policy, efforts were made to take into consideration the practices and necessities of the business casual workplace, the Academy’s Ten Guiding Beliefs, and student input.  Additional consideration was given to the availability, affordability, and practicality of compliance.

I.  General Information:

Because student enrollment at YRA is possible only through voluntary application and admission, students and families understand and support YRA’s goals and the spirit behind the school uniform policy. The standards will emphasize that YRA is a unique place of learning, concerned with the professional attitude and safety of young people. This policy is intended to provide guidelines for acceptable apparel and appearance. York River Academy’s administration and/or its shared decision-making governing board may modify the school uniform policy as appropriate.

This policy shall apply on the York River Academy campus and at all school-sponsored activities and events unless otherwise authorized by school administration.

The following rules provide additional guidelines and specific requirements to YRA's uniform and dress code policy:

  • The uniform should be clean, neat, and professional at all times.
  • All clothing must be size-appropriate for the student.
  • Additional clothing accessories such as ties, scarves, etc., are allowed as long as they are tidy and professional and are subject to approval by the administration.
  • Please note that jeans are not permitted under daily wear options and are reserved for school spirt days as announced.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • All other aspects of student dress and appearance not covered by this uniform dress code policy shall be governed by the York County School Division rules pertaining to student appearance.

II. Options:

All York River Academy students will be required to wear uniforms at school every day. The following table outlines the daily options:





  • Short or long sleeve
  • Polos or button down shirts preferred
  • Must be of a solid color or business appropriate print
  • Shirts must be worn neatly but are not required to be tucked in. 
  • No names, inscriptions, or logos are allowed on pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, or polo shirts with the exception of school branded products, New Horizons products or a product associated with a place of employment for the student.

Student choice


  • Professional appearance preferably cotton or blend.
  • Must be of a solid color without design, logo, emblems, monogram, or trim
  • Cargo, capri, wide-legged, professional elastic or drawstring waist are allowed.
  • Shorts, dresses or skirts are allowed as long as they meet all above criteria and are professional in design and length
  • No leggings, jeans or sweatpants allowed

Solid Color; Navy blue, black, gray or khaki preferred


  • Shoes should be comfortable and clean
  • Sandals not of a dress nature, flips, slides, etc. are NOT allowed for daily wear.
  • Dress shoes for formal business events may be required.


Student choice


Belts should be professional in appearance but are not required

Student Choice


In general, head coverings, including but not limited to: caps, hats, bandannas, hoods and/or sunglasses shall NOT be worn inside school buildings unless the head covering has a religious and/or ethnicity-based specific purpose.



Faculty may request safety & professional guidelines as conditions, curriculum, or internships dictate



  • A sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over the uniform shirt
  • Must be without design, logo or emblems
  • May be a cardigan or pullover, long sleeve or vest style, v-neck or round-neck, or zipped hooded sweatshirts.

Solid Color preferred

Jackets & Coats

  • Students may wear any jacket or coat outside as weather dictates
  • Students are encouraged to use an umbrella as weather dictates

Student choice