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What are the benefits of attending York River Academy?

Students who successfully complete YRA's innovative curriculum will have the chance to earn professional technical certifications - the same certifications that might cost thousands through private programs - that will enable them to enter the work force with in-demand skills. The certifications that are available are:

  • IC3 - Internet Computer Core Certification
  • MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist and Professional
  • W!se Financial Literacy Test

Who can attend YRA?

You can attend if you are a 9th through 12th grade student who resides in York County, and whose parents wish for you to enroll in York River Academy. Students must be willining to take electives in business and technology. Students usually meet at least one of the following characteristics:

  • achieves below potential or unmotivated in traditional school setting
  • history of absenteeism or tardiness
  • previously retained (middle or high school)
  • in need of additional educational support
  • individual circumstances as detailed in student's application essay and approved by the application committee.

What are the Requirements for Admission?

  • a completed application
  • a minimum total reading level of a 7.5 grade equivalency
  • an uneventful disciplinary history

What does it cost to attend the Academy?

No tuition is charged for York County residents, but normal fees will be applied as appropriate (e.g. General User Fees, Technology Fee).

Will transportation be offered?

Yes, bus transportation is provided from your home to school.

May I pick and choose the courses I want to take?

When you enroll in York River Academy, we will place you in the classes you need for graduation and the business and technology electives that are being offered to students in your grade level.  However, students who are interested in courses not usually selected by YRA students such as World Language, upper-level science courses, Psychology, Marketing, and AP courses will have the option to take those classes online through the YCSD Virtual High School Academy or through Virtual Virginia, a VDOE-sponsored program.  Additionally, many of our students will participate in a half-day New Horizons Career and Technical Education program or other work experience during the senior year.

Will Health and Physical Education classes be offered at YRA?

You will have the option to earn Health and Physical Education (grade 9) through YCSD Virtual High School Academy. Health, Driver Education and Physical Education (grade 10) is blended, Health is offered virtually and Driver's Ed is currently in person. York River Academy's gym and access to the YMS sports fields provide opportunities to have students participate in physical activity for a portion of the PE classes. 

Will there be a YRA sports program?

YRA is too small to participate in VHSL-competitive programs as a standalone program. YRA students are welcome to try out for any sport at their home zoned school and YRA staff will help coordinate so they are aware of schedules and try outs. We encourage students to also consider parks and recreation or travel leagues, if they want to continue to be engaged in sports.

Is the YRA grade scale be different from the other York County schools?

YRA  follows the same scale as all other schools in the York County School Division.

Where do students eat lunch?

Students eat lunch in the our lunch room. York Middle School provides hot lunches for our students, if desired. Students may also pack their own lunch and have access to a microwave and refrigerator.

Who will pay for the school uniforms?

Families will be required to purchase school uniforms for their child. 

Uniform Policy

Where can I get more information about YRA?

Contact YRA's principal, Holly Sheffield ( at 898-0516.